We've Never Been This Way Before

Trusting God in Unprecedented Times
As recent events have unfolded, not only America but the entire world has been brought to the precipice of the most challenging moments of our lifetimes. But while these times seem unprecedented and unchartered to us, they are not to God. Much like He said to Joshua and the children of Israel standing on the edge of the Promised Land, God now says to us: “You have never been this way before” (Josh.3:4). God’s word is tender, challenging, and scary. God knows where we’ve been and where we are going. As we cope with extraordinary new outbreaks of disease, racism, and cultural upheaval, we have been forced to recognize that we are not prepared for this. Nobody is. Yet there is hope. In this timely message, trusted theologian R. T. Kendall helps you navigate the way forward by exploring how God led His people in the past. Along the way, he answers questions such as: Where is God in all this? What do Christians have to offer the rest of the world during these times? Did the devil cause these things? Did God cause them? If God allowed these things to happen, then why?
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  • Author: R.T. Kendall