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Catching Contentment (Liz Carter)
If anyone has a right to feel angry with life, then the author is a strong candidate. Having battled with lung disease from a young age, suffered at the hands of bullies, and, reluctantly, given up her much-loved teaching job, she has plenty to complain about. But she has made a point of exploring contentment. She has drawn particularly on Paul's letter to the Philippians. 'Contentment is something we can all catch hold of,' she believes, 'whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.' This is a message which we need to hear, whether we are lifelong sufferers, like the author, or facing deprivation or injustice of another sort. Or we may simply have fallen into bad habits. We cannot fail to be uplifted, and hopefully transformed, by the author's discoveries as we learn to buck trends within society and the church
How To Be Holy Satisfied
Ever Present (Austen Hardwick)
A great book for Christians and runners A real best-foot-forward story of overcoming a stroke and encountering God Austen Hardwick's story will encourage your faith and your feet Spiritual wisdom from a stroke survivor who discovered a deeper connection with God through running. Austen Hardwick suffered three strokes in his forties. Running had always been part of his life, but now he was running to get his brain functioning again. As he started to regain fitness he realised that running created the space to process what had happened to him, and that it gave him space to be with God. Weaving together personal testimony and biblical teaching, Austen shows how running is a metaphor for the Christian life, and how we can learn to live life in all its fullness. Through suffering and trials, we have an ever present God who wants to know us and love us. In a culture when we are urged to do more exercise, this is a timely reminder that running can actually be both good for the heart and the soul
Running to Survive, Thrive and Believe
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How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (Jonathan Leeman & Andy Naselli)
Election seasons can cause division on a variety of issues. But what happens when you disagree with someone in your local church community? Authors Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli propose that Christians should learn how to disagree on such issues with a spirit of gracious understanding by recognizing the importance of what binds us together as a local church body—the gospel of Jesus Christ
9 Marks: Church Questions
Love Life Live Lent (Paula Gooder & Peter Babington)
It's back and better than ever! Love Life Live Lent returns for 2013, helping you change the world for the better during Lent one small action at a time! This new fourth edition offers 40 simple choices and actions for each day of Lent to make the world a better place. For the first time, each action is accompanied by a Bible verse and a short reflection from bestselling Bible teacher Paula Gooder and parish priest Peter Babington, unpacking the action and exploring what it means to be a disciple today. This is a single copy of the Adult/Youth version
Be the Change!
The Jesus Lifestyle (Nicky Gumbel)
In this engaging book, Nicky Gumbel takes a closer look at the Sermon on the Mount and presents, with his familiar mix of wisdom and humour, the way Jesus tells us to live our lives.
Practical Guidelines for Living Out Jesus Teachings
Walking in Their Shadow (Lex Bradley,)
How can you best support someone who is grieving? This resource aims to equip children's and youth workers, church leaders and those working in a chaplaincy context to support bereaved children and young people. Written with first-hand knowledge of the needs of both a bereaved young person and a concerned youth worker, Walking in Their Shadow offers a unique combination of practical advice, biblical teaching and creative, therapeutic techniques to help the young person adjust to bereavement as a lifelong journey. Contains five session outlines themed around Holy Week. Each outline includes two age-differentiated stories, discussion starters, links to appropriate media clips, and creative, therapeutic activity ideas. Provides downloadable activity sheets and 'I need to tell you...'
Supporting Children and Young People Through Bereavement
Within ten seconds, do the next thing you're reasonably sure Jesus wants you to do, and you could change a life forever. - You pass a car with its bonnet up. By the time you decide to stop, you're a mile away so you don't. - You see a woman crying in the supermarket. Something prompts you to ask if you can help but you keep walking. - You hope that you'll do better next time but will you? Clare De Graaf offers a straightforward antidote to break these habits of inaction and re-energise your faith. He calls it The 10-Second Rule.
101 Quotes to Help You Through the Mess of Life (Catherine MacKenzie)
Sometimes life can be difficult and messy, and we just need a little bit of encouragement. Five minutes to refocus our mind on what is important can make a huge difference. Featuring quotes from St. Augustine, Corrie ten Boom, R. C. Sproul and Matt Chandler alongside related Bible verses, this little book is packed full of Gospel goodness. In the muck of life, let this little book point your heart towards the One who can lift us out of the pit.
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5 Things to Pray in a Global Crisis (Rachel Jones)
Lost for words to pray about Coronavirus? This guide offers 5 areas you can pray for right now A clear and compelling guide to deeper, powerful prayer The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many of us to pray more. But it has also left many of us unsure quite how to pray, or what for. This little book has been written specifically to help Christians in this season. Each spread takes a passage of Scripture and suggests 5 things to pray from it. When we pray in line with God's priorities as found in his word, our prayers are powerful—they really change things.
Prayers That Change Things in Times of Trouble
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