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Easily distracted or forgetful ? Mouths, arms, hands, and legs that run ahead of thinking ? Impulsive decisions, chronic difficulties meeting deadlines, mistaken notions of one's own abilities ? These are behaviours often associated with Attention Deficit Disorder. What is ADD? What are the strengths and weaknesses of ADD children? What can be done about this puzzling disorder? Noting both the challenges and responsibilities of ADD children, Edward T. Welch clarifies the physical and spiritual dimensions of ADD. He offers parents as well as adults who fit the profile help, encouragement, and biblical wisdom on how to handle this condition.
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Marriage is one of God's greatest gifts to us. It is one of the most blessed and exciting events in a woman's life, but there is also a sense of entering the unknown. Becoming a wife can feel simultaneously feel like a great privilege and a tall order!
This book has been written by a young bride, in the hope that she might provide some insight into the world of marriage for those who are thinking about marrying young. Natasha Peto unpacks the experiences, joys and challenges faced by the new bride, and offers helpful, practical advice that will help a young couple to enjoy their early married years together to the full, and to grow in intimacy and understanding towards one another.
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