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Part 2: chapters 13-28
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Beauty, Goodness, and Truth
Large print
On Your Confirmation
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(Common English Bible) (Zipper Closure Bonded...
Featuring the Jewish Publication Society Tana...
Acts for Everyone (Tom Wright)
Writing in an accessible and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us to approach the rich and many-sided story of the book of Acts. Wright shows how the book builds on Luke's gospel, laying out the continuing work and teaching of the now risen and ascended Jesus in the power of the Spirit. His writing captures the vivid way in which Luke's work draws us all into the story, while leaving the ending open and challenging, inviting Christians today to pick up and carry on the story as we in turn live our lives in the service of Jesus. Tom Wright has undertaken a tremendous task to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament, and to furnish them with his own fresh translation of the entire text. Each short passage is followed by a highly readable discussion, with background information, useful interpretation and explanation, and thoughts as to how it can be relevant to our lives today. No knowledge of technical jargon is required. The series is suitable for personal or group use. The format makes it appropriate also for daily study.
Part 2: chapters 13-28
CSB She Reads Truth Bible (Raechel Myers and Amanda Williams)
Beauty, goodness, and truth. The She Reads Truth Bible embodies all of the aspects of the She Reads Truth community. Featuring devotional readings written by the She Reads Truth team, this Bible invites women to engage with God's Word every day. The She Reads Truth Bible also features 66 designs by top calligraphy and hand-lettering artists to aid in memorization and understanding of Scripture. Features include: 183 Devotions 66 calligraphy verse designs 35 full-color timelines 20 full-color maps 11 full-color charts Reading plans for every book of the Bible One year and three year Bible reading plans Detailed book introductions Key Verse list Presentation Page Smyth-sewn binding Wide margins for journaling and notetaking...
Beauty, Goodness, and Truth
NRSV Confirmation Bible
The NRSV is the Bible translation most widely used for both private study and public reading in churches throughout the English-speaking world. Helpful introduction covering topics such as What is confirmation? Continuing in the Christian life post-confirmation; an overview of the Bible; ways of reading the Bible; a list of key passages and characters; where to find help Includes a selection of encouraging prayers and meditations on Christian life and worship, including special occasions in the Church year. Attractively presented with card slipcase, presentation plate and ribbon
On Your Confirmation
NRSV Large Print Holy Bible Anglicized Edition
The NRSV Large-Print Text Edition offers the Bible reader - whether in Church, school or home settings - the comfort of large, bold print that is beautifully clear and easy to read. It uses the Anglicised NRSV text which adopts British usage for spelling, punctuation, phrasing and grammer. This Bible contains the Old and New Testaments, and comes in a sturdy hardback binding.
Pocket Thin Bible (Common English Bible)
Carry the easy-to-understand Common English Bible with you everywhere with the portable yet classic Pocket Thin Bible. This sleek edition features time-honored black bonded EcoLeather with a zipper closure to keep the pages protected. Fits well into a suit coat or purse. 3 1/8" x 6 3/4." ABOUT THE TRANSLATION: The Common English Bible is a bold new version built on common ground. By avoiding obscure words and outdated phrases, this fresh translation removes language barriers to ensure an enjoyable, natural reading experience for young and old, believers and seekers. The result is a completely accurate translation of the original texts that's relevant, readable, reliable and easily understood today. FEATURES: 3 1/8" x 6 3/4" 7 point type 1024 pages Comfortable black letter text Presentation page In-text subject headings Translation footnotes
(Common English Bible) (Zipper Closure Bonded Leather)
The Gospels Pocket Size: According to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (NRSV)
"Everyone should carry a small Bible or pocket edition of the Gospels and should find at least a few minutes every day to read the word of God." (Pope Francis, 2014) These four accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ represent the heart of the Christian story and the truth of our faith. Containing so many of the familiar Bible stories and parables, each of the Gospel writers tells the story of Jesus from a different angle, yet read together they form a rich and dynamic picture of the Son of God. This edition of the Holy Gospels is an ideal size to take with you anywhere, so you can get to know Jesus better and deepen your relationship with him every day. Key features: * Contains the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John alone. * Uses the New Revised Standard translation (NRSV), a translation which holds the Imprimatur of the Catholic Church. * Includes an extra colour section on the background and meaning of the Gospels to help new readers understand the context around the Scriptures.
The Infographic Bible: Visualising the Drama of God's Word. (Karen Sawrey)
The Infographic Bible focuses on the meta narrative of the Bible, key points of the major stories and themes.
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The Jewish Study Bible ( Adele Berlin and Marc Zvi Brettler (Editors))
First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It has won acclaim from readers in all religious traditions. The Jewish Study Bible combines the entire Hebrew Bible―in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation―with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by leading biblical scholars on virtually every aspect of the text, the world in which it was written, its interpretation, and its role in Jewish life. The quality of scholarship, easy-to-navigate format, and vibrant supplementary features bring the ancient text to life. This second edition includes revised annotations for nearly the entire Bible, as well as forty new and updated essays on many of the issues in Jewish interpretation, Jewish worship in the biblical and post-biblical periods, and the growing influence of the Hebrew Bible in the ancient world. The Jewish Study Bible, Second Edition, is an essential resource for anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible.
Featuring the Jewish Publication Society Tanakh Translation. Torah; Nevi'im; Kethuvim
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