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God's Little Book Of Easter (Richard Daly)
A new edition especially for Easter in this best-selling series of impulse-purchase gift books "Jesus came to let you know that the penalty of sin has been removed and its power is broken. In God's eyes, you're loved and accepted!" At times, life can be filled with upheaval, challenges, grief and fear. Easter signals a time for new beginnings, for a fresh take on life, and a joyful, positive outlook. Open this inspirational little book at any page, and discover anew the hope and joy of the Resurrection. Each page has an inspirational thought or idea, along with a related Bible reference for further reading and encouragement. God's Little Book of Easter, with its collection of inspiring, thought-provoking truths, offers comfort and assurance, and will bring you hope and renewed strength as you journey in the various pathways of life. "If God is willing to pardon your mistakes and even bury them, isn't it time you stopped beating yourself up? Receive his grace and move on!"
Words of Hope, Joy and New Beginnings
Prayers For Fathers (Chris Coe (comp.))
Beautifully printed hardback books containing wonderful prayers and heart warming full-colour illustrations.
Precious Moments (Various Artists)
A new release in this incredibly popular and enduring series featuring scenes from Wales. Combining beautiful scenic footage from Wales with vibrant live worship recorded at the Keswick Convention, perfect for small groups and mood setting. Easy to use song selection menu with an option to show the lyrics of each song and hymn as it plays. Running time approx 40 minutes. 1) Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven 2) Every Promise Of Your Word 3) Amazing God 4) O Church Arise 5) We Rejoice To Be God's Chosen 6) Jesus Is The Name We Honour 7) I Stand Amazed 8) How Great Is Our God 9) O For A Thousand Tongues 10) Indescribable
Amazing God: Scenic footage from Wales
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The Prayers of Jane Austen (Jane Austen & Terry Glaspey)
You know Jane Austen as the beloved author of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and other witty, insightful novels of the early nineteenth century. Now come to know her as a woman of unexpected spiritual depth. Jane Austen wrote beautiful, heartfelt prayers for use during her family's evening devotions. Each one reveals her gratitude for God's blessings and her pursuit of a holy life--expressions of a woman whose heart was profoundly moved by faith. In this beautifully designed book, author Terry Glaspey introduces you to Jane Austen the Christian by sharing this powerful collection of prayers and also a glimpse into her life story and the impact she had as a writer of virtue, character, and morality.
3001 Things We Love About Christmas (Molly Detweiler (Editor))
A thorough reading of the book gives you relevant information about the various aspects of the season. The materials contained in the book will pour a warm glow in your hearts and remind you of the various reasons behind the Christmas celebration. Explore the 3001 warm thoughts about Christmas inscribed in the book. Look into the wonderful old scriptures, traditional songs and carols, Christmas poems and hundreds of other aspects that make the celebration more special. The wide array of Christmas traditions enhances the beauty of the celebration and brings a smile and glow on your faces. We welcome the season with an open heart and let the beauty of the season breathe in every corner of the world.
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A Bouquet of Timeless Wisdom to Guide Your Path (Tyndale House)
Ripe for the picking and blooming with style, this botanical-themed gift book is rich with encouragement, inspiration, and biblical truth. Meditate on this selection from Proverbs and allow God's wisdom to guide and affirm your life. Features full-color artwork with shimmering foil cover and embossing. Collect all six Bouquet books for yourself or give them as gifts.
(Bouquet of Collection)
A Collection of Christmas Poetry (Helen Steiner Rice)
A Collection of Christmas Poetry ... especially for you! Experience the beauty of the Christmas season with ‘A Collection of Christmas Poetry’, blending the inspiring verse of Helen Steiner Rice with beloved selections of Scripture. You'll find the spirit of Christmas renewed within your heart as you’re drawn closer to the Heavenly Father, who loved us so much he gave the greatest gift - the true reason for the season.
A Gift for Baby's Christening (Lois Rock)
A book of simple prayers and reflections that a grown up can say with a baby and know they are beginning to enact the promises they made at the infant's christening to help raise them in the Christian faith. The prayers have been chosen and presented to be age-appropriate and appealing to young children and adults alike. This book includes some of the favourite childhood prayers that older generations will remember as favourites to know by heart. The cover is padded, gloss white with illustration and foil titling.
A Haven in the Storm (Nick Fawcett)
'Here today and gone tomorrow' – a succinct summary of the transient nature of life, but while the con- stant flux of this world is part of its fascination it also brings heartache, so much that we love inevitably plucked from us. Does anything stay the same? For the Christian the answer is a resounding yes, our faith rooted in the changeless God whose loving purpose never alters, his faithfulness having inspired, encouraged, comforted and enthralled generations of believers across the years. The prayer-poems in this book articulate the sense of confusion and loss that change can bring but express also God's promise to be with us come what may. They are designed to speak both for us and to us.
Poems to Inspire Prayer
Amazing (Simon Ponsonby)
After 30 years of being a disciple, Simon Ponsonby began to reflect on whether he was amazed by Jesus, or whether he had lost his first love, having a relationship with Jesus that was predictable and dutiful. Did Jesus still amaze him or just employ him? As he reflected on this question, Jesus drew near to him, and Simon began to write a poem about Jesus, marveling again at who he was and what he had done. Amazing is a touching and inspiring poem about just how amazing Jesus is--the perfect devotional for mediating and reflecting on Jesus, to help meet with him right where you are. Illustrated with the author's photographs, which position amazing truths in a stark and contemporary setting, and drive their message home all the more, this simple, honest and moving poem is a wonderful gift to help others to encounter the amazing person of Jesus too.
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The art of everyday worship
Bible Promise Book for Fathers (Barbour Books (Compilers))
Fatherhood really should come with an operator's manual. Our world sends many conflicting signals on the important issues of life. How should we approach anger? Is discipline a good thing, or not? Why speak with honesty? Is prayer for real? What is true wisdom? In His kindness, God has answered all these questions—and many more—in the pages of His Word, the Bible. Whatever our needs, we can find in scripture the principles we need to address the issues we face. This collection of Bible verses is a handy reference to some of the key issues that all people—and especially fathers—face. In these pages, you’ll find carefully selected verses that address more than five dozen topics like adversity, courage, family discipline, duty, labor, prayer, and temptation
Bible Promises for Baby's Christening (Sophie Piper)
Gather together to welcome your new baby into the family and into the church! This adorable little book is full of words from the Bible and prayers, that a child can grow to treasure and makes a wonderful keepsake book for the occasion. Share these words of God's love with the child who is dear to you
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