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The Apocryphal Gospels (Paul B. Foster)
An accessible guide to the history, meaning, and interpretation of the Apocryphal Gospels Shows how close analysis of text, contents and context are vital in assessing the value and authenticity of such ancient and valuable texts. Discusses the limitations of using the apocryphal gospels to reconstruct an accurate portrait of the historical Jesus - and sets this against the limitations of using the New Testament gospels. Part of the bestselling Very Short Introductions series - over two million copies sold worldwide. This Very Short Introduction offers a clear, accessible, and concise account of the apocryphal gospels - exploring their origins, their discovery, and discussing how the various texts have been interpreted both by the Church and beyond. Looking at texts from the Gospels from Nag Hammadi to the Dialogues with the Risen Saviour, Paul Foster shows how the apocryphal gospels reflect the diversity that existed within early Christianity, and examines the extent to which they can be used to reconstruct an accurate portrait of the historical Jesus. Including discussions of controversies and case-studies such as the alleged hoax surrounding the discovery of Secret Mark, Foster concludes that the non-canonical texts, considered in the correct context, offer us an important window on the vibrant and multi-faceted face of early Christianity.
A Very Short Introduction
The Mind of the Spirit (Craig S. Keener)
In this major work, leading New Testament scholar Craig Keener explores an important but generally neglected area of Pauline theology, Paul's teaching about the mind. Paul speaks of the corrupted mind and the mind of the flesh, but he also speaks of the mind of Christ, the mind of the Spirit, and the renewal of the mind. In articulating these points, Paul adapts language from popular intellectual thought in his day, but he does so in a way distinctively focused on Christ and Christ's role in the believer's transformation. Keener enables readers to understand this thought world so they can interpret Paul's language for contemporary Christian life. The Mind of the Spirit helps overcome a false separation between following the Spirit and using human judgment and also provides a new foundation for relating biblical studies and Christian counseling. It will appeal to professors, students, and scholars of the New Testament as well as pastors and church leaders.
Paul's Approach to Transformed Thinking
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10 Questions and Answers on Angels. (Robert Bowman)
Learn about what the Bible says (and doesn't say) abubt these powerful servant. of God. Author Robert M Bowman sorts through myths and misinformation to answer these questions and more. Are angels for real? Do angels have bodies? Should we look to angels for spiritual guidance? Are we guaranteed angelic protection? Will we become angels?
The Truth About God's Messengers
Symbolism in the Bible can be difficult to decipher, but when you recognize the significance of those signs and symbols, you gain a deeper understanding of the Bible’s consistent message of God’s presence, grace, and faithfulness. Each of the more than 100 entries includes multiple illustrations, explanations, and key Bible passages. Sidebars, quotes, and photos make this a fascinating guide to symbolism in Scripture.
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