So A Comedian Walks into a Church...

Confessions of a Kneel-Down Stand-Up
‘So A Comedian Walks Into A Church’ is British comedian, Paul Kerensa, true-life diary documenting his Sunday mornings on the comedy circuit around the country. The life of a modern comedian takes them all over the place every Friday and Saturday night to make people laugh. Well for this comedian and BBC script writer (‘Miranda’ & ‘Not Going Out’), he continues his tour of the country on Sunday morning by visiting near-by churches to spiritually re-fuel. Paul decided to write down his hilarious experiences in local churches, proving more often than not the secular comedy circuit is a tougher gig. Seeing the church through the eyes of a comedian is humbling, insightful and revealing. But most of all, you’ll discover what it feels like to walk into a new environment as a stranger to better understand and interact with those who walk through your church door. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paul Kerensa is known as BBC’s go-to guy for ‘gagging up’ sitcom scripts, and has been on the writing teams for ‘Miranda’ and ‘Not Only Out’ for all series. As a stand-up comedian he tours the country, has won ITV’s Take The Mike Award, and was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards and the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Awards. He has performed solo shows for numerous years at Spring Harvest, New wine and Greenbelt, and is a regular speaker at Alpha launches, men’s breakfasts and whole church family comedy nights.
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  • Author: Paul Kerensa