Passport to Heaven

The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew
When missionary Micah Wilder set his sights on bringing a Baptist congregation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he had no idea that he was the one about to be changed. Yet when he finally came to know the God of the Bible, Micah had no choice but to surrender himself—no matter the consequences. For a passionate young Mormon who had grown up in the Church, finding authentic faith meant giving up all he knew: his community, his ambitions, and his place in the world. Yet as Micah struggled to reconcile the teachings of his Church with the truths revealed in the Bible, he awakened to his need for God’s grace. This led him to be summoned to the door of the mission president, terrified but confident in the testimony he knew could cost him everything. Passport to Heaven is a gripping account of Micah’s surprising journey from living as a devoted member of a religion based on human works to embracing the divine mercy and freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ. eview "A passport gives you permission to travel to a desired destination. Through this personal story, my friend Micah Wilder will take you on an exciting and inspiring adventure that is wilder than you could imagine--big-church religion, hopes shattered, heavenly revelation, new life, facing challenges with the courage of a warrior, and miraculous deliverance. Buckle up for an unforgettable ride with Passport to Heaven!" --Kirk Cameron, actor and producer "Micah's journey from obedience-based religion to experiencing God's grace and love is an inspiration to all of us. The reader will gain a better understanding and empathy for those who come to Christ after going through a faith crisis." --Sandra Tanner, president, Utah Lighthouse Ministry "Micah's story is a powerful look at a young man whose search for God led to authentic faith in Jesus Christ. As he read through the Bible for himself, he discovered that what he had been taught all his life was wrong. Eventually he had to tell his parents--both of whom had important roles in Mormon circles--that he could no longer accept Mormon teachings as the truth. Micah's story may well change the way you interact with Mormon missionaries who come to your door." --Dr. John Ankerberg, founder and host of The John Ankerberg Show ( "This is one of the most captivating and well-written testimonials I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It's hard not to see and feel Micah's passion in his words. I believe every Christian should read this book not only to accurately understand what Latter-day Saints believe, what they go through, and how to love them, but also to be given the gift of having a different perspective on what 'Jesus is enough' truly means." --Melissa Dougherty, ex-New Ager, apologist, and speaker "When I wrote my own book about leaving Mormonism, I stated that I'd never known of a Mormon missionary who had left his mission to become 'just a Christian.' The remarkable story of Micah Wilder's 'whirlwind of spiritual clarification' that led him to Jesus alone is filled with suspense, insight, and spiritual intimacy with the Lord that left me tearful and humbled. Here, indeed, God had 'treasured up His bright designs, and worked His perfect will' in the genesis of a unique and vital ministry." --Latayne C. Scott, PhD, author of The Mormon Mirage and other books
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  • Author: Micah Wilder