One Glorious Chain

A Glorious Chain of Dynamic Events: Three Welsh Evangelists, Their Wives and Friends Who Bought Wales Back to God in the Eighteenth Century (Revival)
The history of the Church in Wales in the eighteenth century is dominated by three men - Griffith Jones, Daniel Rowland and Thomas Charles. The Established Church considered their preaching a threat to its authority, but with energetic zeal they overcame hostility to carry out the work of God in reviving his Church. The Welsh circulating schools established by Griffith Jones had Christianity at their heart and helped to make the Welsh the most literate in Europe. Ten thousand people would come from all over Wales to Daniel Rowland's village parish to hear him preach. And Thomas Charles was instrumental in forming the Bible Society, making Bibles available for all. We still benefit from the legacy of those three churchmen, whose lives form One Glorious Chain of dynamic events in the history of evangelical Christianity.
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  • Author: Christopher J. Tokeley