Lent Talks

A Collection of Broadcasts from BBC Radio 4 by Alexander McCall Smith, Ann Widdecombe, Bonnie Greer, Giles Fraser, James Runcie, Nick Baines
Looking for new perspectives on Lent? These talks from leading Radio 4 voices bring new insight and wisdom You'll be encouraged into a thoughtful response through Lent this year Over the last 10 years BBC Radio 4 have hosted Lent Talks that, across the country, provide a place for people to engage with, and reflect upon, core ideas of faith. They explore Jesus’ ministry, the story of his death, and their personal responses to Lent. Leading voices including novelist James Runcie and MP Ann Widdecombe draw on their own unique responses to Easter, and address what they find in the annual looking-back-to of Jesus’ death. These reflections are considered, personal, and a place of deep thought and honesty. They are the best of the past decade’s talks, and exhibit the voices that reflect the UK today. Included is an introduction from Christine Morgan, the BBC Head of Radio for Religion and Ethics, who has a deep investment in the Lent Talks series, and shares some of what the talks mean to her. Ideal for anyone looking for ideas and talks to sink their teeth into, Lent Talks is a vibrantly thoughtful series that illuminates throughout the Easter period
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  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith et al