Derek the Cleric

A Year at St. Cliff's
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Russell Bravo If you ... ever start finding the fun has fallen out of your faith, you need a strong dose of Derek the Cleric Andy Robb over some years has posted on the web his musings, his sayings, cartoons and more, written as though by a bumbling clergyman Derek the Cleric - who has responsibility for St Cliff s. Many have become part of Derek s online congregation and delight in the regular dose of his light-hearted take on life. - 'Very funny, eccentric British humour - enjoy!' 'Had me crying wiv laughter' for example. The book is designed in a fun way, as letters, emails, post it notes, clippings from the celebrated St Cliff's Weekly News Sheet, copious 'Notes to Self' and various correspondence which I felt might be of interest to you says Derek. If you've enjoyed this book then why not continue to follow Derek the Cleric on his brilliant new web site.
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  • Author: Andy Robb