The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 37 3/4

Saturday, December 14th Feel led to keep a diary. A sort of spiritual log for the benefit of others in the future. Each new divine insight and experience will shine like a beacon in the darkness! Can't think of anything to put in today. Still, tomorrow's Sunday. Must be something on a Sunday, surely? Adrian Plass is hilarious, pure and simple. His readers are legion and this is the bestselling book that started it all, converting thousands of people who love to laugh into avid Plass readers. The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 and 3/4) is merriment and facetiousness at its best; a journal of the wacky Christian life of Plass' fictional alter-ego, who chronicles in his sacred diary the daily goings-on in the lives of ordinary-but-somewhat-eccentric people he knows and meets.
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  • Author: Adrian Plass