The Flames of Rome

A Novel
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A madman who murders his way into power lusts for ever-greater glory and domination. A capital city awash with corruption, sensuality, and political intrigue is at the flash point. And caught between the crushing currents of history are a new but growing religious group known as the followers of The Way. Award-winning historian and best-selling author Paul L. Maier has created a compelling style of documentary fiction, using only known historical events and persons to bring to life first-century Rome in all its excess, treachery, and insanity. This is the Rome that the apostle Paul visits, where he’s placed on trial, and which is forever changed by his testimony and witness. Maier takes readers into the courtroom of imperial justice and into the homes of the people struggling with the new faith they’ve encountered to answers questions such as: How did Christianity first reach Rome? Why did Paul have to wait two years for trial and was he condemned or set free? Why does the New Testament account in Acts end so abruptly? Who set fire to Rome and why did Nero persecute Christians so horribly? Following the the family of Flavius Sabinus, mayor of Rome under Nero Maier captures all the drama and tension of the political conflicts that precede and follow the Great Fire of Rome, and the epic political and religious clashes of the world’s capital. This is the sensational story of pagans at their worst—and Christians at their best. Readers won’t want to put it down. Review A spectacular work of history and a sweeping story.--Christian Observer (06/03/2004) A splendid work. . . objective, interesting, and thought provoking.-- (06/03/2004) Different religious persuasions will enjoy this unique book. The approach is reverent and not debunking.-- (06/03/2004) Fact-filled, interesting, and successful. . . splendid research. This book is beautiful.-- (06/03/2004) Fascinating. . . brings a new perspective to a story we have known all our lives.-- (06/03/2004) In The Flames of Rome, Paul Maier has accomplished a tremendously challenging project, and he has done so with wonderful clarity and accuracy.--Christian Library Journal (06/03/2004) The author is at home in the vast literature of his subject.--New York Times Book Review (06/03/2004) Tremendously worthwhile. . . intensely enlightening and interesting. . . a wonderful book.-- (06/03/2004) Vivid style and keen insights make this book a delight and a genuine educational experience.--Moody Magazine (06/03/2004) For the supremely pivotal event of the Resurrection, Paul Maier's book lends fresh and scholarly support.--Billy Graham (06/03/2004
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  • Author: Paul L. Maier