The Cross

Food for the Journey: 30 Day Devotional
The cross was a place of torture and agony. Here God's Son took the punishment which we deserved. Outwardly, it might have seemed that God had been defeated. But no. He had triumphed; death had been defeated. For believers, the cross is a place of forgiveness, freedom, healing and joy. Yet we too carry a cross, submitting and surrendering to God in our daily lives. This undated 30-day devotional journeys to the very heart of the gospel with Keswick teachers Alistair Begg, Don Carson, Liam Goligher, Angus MacLeay, Jeremy McQuoid, Simon Manchester, Bruce Milne, Alec Motyer, Alasdair Paine, Charles Price and Vaughan Roberts. The Cross provides spiritual nourishment for wherever life's journey takes you.
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  • Author: Elizabeth McQuoid