Sins of Fathers

A Spectacular Break from a Criminal, Dark Past
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Love reading about people escaping lives of crime? Discover Michael Emmett's story of growing up in, and eventually leaving, organised crime You'll see how, not matter what, anyone can turn to God ‘Michael is living proof that love always has the power to bring you home.’ Charlie Mackesy ‘A cracking read. Really gets to the bottom of the madness of a man fighting his demons.’ Ray Winstone ‘His life may have had its ups and downs, but it is wonderful example of God’s transforming power.’ Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB & pioneer of ALPHA ‘Take it from me, Michael got up to some mischief. And to find some peace at the end of it all! You really need to hear this story.’ Former London Crime Boss Growing up, Michael wanted nothing more than to follow in his dad’s footsteps and join the family business. Aged 18, he did just that and entered into the glamourous, dangerous world of organised crime. Michael’s father, a career criminal and contemporary of the infamous Krays, was a wayward role model. Soon Michael’s criminal activities were funding a reckless lifestyle of drugs, sex, and violence. But the high couldn’t last. In 1993 both men were arrested for their involvement in a £13-million smuggling operation. Michael was sentenced to twelve years, serving time in the same prison as his dad. Inside HMP Exeter, Michael found something he had never expected: answers. A chance encounter in the prison chapel led to an experience that would shake the foundations of his life. This is a true story of trauma and transformation, one man’s search for redemption, and the struggle to become the father he never had.
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  • Author: Michael Emmett