Seriously Funny

Life, Love and God...Musings Between Two Good Friends
Love a laugh? Seriously Funny spills from the friendship of Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas These witty reads are filled with wisdom and wit Seriously Funny is a fantastic book that is unique in its writing and is a combination of two wonderful writers express themselves in ways which will inspire all. Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass are individuals, with individual experiences, but they have been combined in an enthralling journey in the form of Seriously Funny. A little while ago, concerned that the next time they got together, one of them would be in a coffin, Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass decided to start exchanging letters - and this book is the result. Why Seriously Funny? It was created spontaneously and uniquely, it isn't fictional nor is it predictable but what Seriously Funny does is combine thoughts, real life situations and express living moments of two honest Christians. It talks about serious issues, which also have funny endings and stories, hence the title Seriously Funny. Lucas and Plass have not left a stone unturned and have delved deep into their personal experiences to show that embarrassing things do happen in real life and not just in films or fiction. Breathtakingly honest, Seriously Funny is a celebration of 21st century Christianity - as well as a no-holds barred expose of its sillier side. Lucas and Plass are equally hard on themselves, with having their most embarrassing moments a joy to read
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  • Author: Adrian Plass and Jeff Luca