A Common Worship Year B Miscellany

A Bumper Resource for the Principal Seasons
We all know what it's like - another busy week, no time to prepare ahead for next Sunday's services, and now your mind is a complete blank! Such moments of crisis can strike at any time, but perhaps most commonly during the great festivals and seasons of the Christian Year. In A Common Worship Year B Miscellany and A Common Worship Year C Miscellany, Nick Fawcett offers a solution to this dilemma, by drawing on material from writers such as Susan Sayers, Michael Forster, Katie Thompson, Peter Dainty, Pete Townsend and Gerald O'Mahony, and of course, Nick Fawcett himself, to offer a resource book covering the principal seasons of the Church calendar. Beginning with an up-to-date translation of the recom­mended Gospel readings for Years B and C of Common Worship, the books include: • Prayers • All-talk suggestions • Service outlines • Poems • Meditations • Sketches • Reflections The material is extremely versatile and can be used as it is or adapted to meet your requirements. The aim of these Miscellanies is to provide a valuable aid for those looking for a new dimension to services from Advent to All Saints' Day.
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  • Author: Nick Fawcett (comp.)