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Tom Wright for Everyone (Stephen Kuhrt)
Tom Wright has long been established as a leading biblical theologian and has earned praise and respect from his popular series of Bible commentaries. However, despite this recognition, the consequences and implications of Wright's works have yet to be fully considered by the Church. Stephen Kuhrt has written "Tom Wright for Everyone" so that the theology of Tom Wright can be practically applied to the local Church. Kuhrt masterfully summarises Tom Wright's theology so that readers can become engaged into the implications that arise from the publications. Kuhrt's summary of Tom Wight's theology manges to highlight the weaknesses of contemporary evangelicalism, including: •The nature of the Christian hope; •The significance of the resurrection of Jesus; •The lack of a convincing theological basis for holistic mission; •Treatments of sin, evil and the atonement; •Approaches to the Bible and attitudes towards biblical scholarship; •Ambivalence towards 'the good things of creation', the sacraments, and the Church. Towards the end of the book, Kuhrt switches his focus to comprehensively describe how his own parish has put Tom Wright's theology into practice. Kuhrt passionately discusses how an integrated Biblical theology can improve the Church and help it meet the challenges of modern culture. "Tom Wright For Everyone" is a thought-provoking book that is fantastic resource for leaders of the church, students of theology, and Christian social activists. Endorsements of "Tom Wright for Everyone" A book about Tom Wright's books? Helping us sort through the theology that has so powerfully moved and inspired us? Brilliant! --Rob Bell, author of Sex God
Putting the Theology of N.T. Wright into Practice in the Local Church
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