Eyewitness Assemblies

15 Ready-to-use Assemblies for Easter to Pentecost
This book encourages children to encounter the Easter story as if they were there.It covers 15 key events, including the raising of Lazarus, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost and the conversion of Paul.This book is ideal for RE coordinators and teachers responsible for planning collective worship and KS2 class assemblies. The material is developed and field-tested at KS2.It includes practical ideas for creative learning using poetry, role play and drama and issue-based links into PSHE and Citizenship.It is suitable for children at KS2 (aged 7-11), head teachers and RE coordinators at primary level Clergy and church-based children's leaders invited to take assemblies in school."Eyewitness Assemblies" provides 15 ready-to-use assemblies ideal for the Spring term and Summer terms. The material is particularly suitable for schools running a five-term year, for those planning project-based work over the period of Easter, or for teachers wishing to link the themes of Easter to topical issues covered in PSHE and Citizenship. The material is presented as short stories giving imaginative 'first hand' accounts told from the perspective of someone who was there and is designed to help spark children's imagination and enabling them to get under the skin of the story. It is ideal for collective worship, as part of a class assembly, or a special service in church. Each assembly is stand-alone, whilst at the same time giving a clear and comprehensive picture of the part of the Christian story that led to Jesus' death and resurrection and the birth of the early Church.
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  • Author: Gaynor Cobb