The Best Instrumental Worship Album...Ever!

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The Best Worship...Ever! series has been massively successful and this edition will be no exception. This instrumental volume features 3 CDs packed full of the songs you really want, the very best that modern worship has to offer. The Best Instrumental Worship Album...Ever includes beautiful instrumental arrangements and delivers the best-loved worship songs, such as "Here I Am To Worship", "The Father's Song" and much much more. The album has no vocals just allowing the music to speak for itself and is perfect for quiet times with God providing a fresh expression of worship for today's church. The Best Instrumental Worship Album...Ever! Includes 50 songs that form 3 wonderful CDs in a beautifully presented case, easy to access and transport. The 3 CDs also come with lyrics for each song and so if you want to sing the words to the magical instrumentals then the words are there to help! This collection of instrumentals provides inspiration and relaxation in the Lord's company, as each of these songs can be used to appreciate the music behind some of the greatest songs written or you can sing the words to the music. The Best Instrumental Worship Album ... Ever! contributes a percentage of its profits to Christian Aid.
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