A Place For God

Navigating Timeless Questions for our Modern Times
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Today, your favourite maps app will give you your location down to a greater level of detail than ever before. But do you really feel like you know where you are? Major cultural shifts over the past generation have left us feeling disorientated; constant connection has left us feeling dislocated. And many of us are searching for something we can't seem to find. Could the problem be that we have lost a place for God? Pete Nicholas invites you to explore the big questions asked by each generation from those of origin and identity to happiness and hope, arguing that by reinstating God's centrality in our lives we can find a sense of rootedness, peace and the answers we've been looking for. Featuring a foreword by Timothy Keller, author, speaker and church leader. Review Bold, insightful, gospel centred and accessible. This book cries out for a stop and invites the reader to consider honestly the state of society. Pete Nicholas argues boldly and convincingly that the solution to our social ills is not gaining more of what we have but gaining back what we have lost; we have lost God. Brilliant book: every thought leader should get hold of it. -- Girma Bishaw, pastor and Director and founder, The Gratitude Initiative After thirty years of speaking at university missions, I have drawn on scores, if not hundreds, of articles and books that are useful in arguing why the Christian faith is so relevant to post-modern Western culture. More recently, I have listened to Pete Nicholas delivering such talks before live audiences and admired both the substance of his material and the style in which he relates to the audience. At last, his outstanding material has been captured in writing and I thoroughly commend it to you. Here are two very practical reasons why: first, if you want to grasp the answers to some big questions about the meaning of life, this is a "go to"; second, if you ever deliver talks on these issues, throw away (most of) your notes and use this book! A Place For God is top class. Buy it! -- Graham Daniels, General Director, Christians in Sport Before we begin the necessary work of cultural rebuilding, we need to check the foundations and discern whether they are strong enough to build upon. A Place for God is a fantastic guide for such an exploration. For those searching for faith or wanting to strengthen their faith, I couldn't recommend this book more highly. -- Pete Hughes, KXC Church, London We need books that not only listen to the everyday experiences and problems of modern people, but that also draw on the best recent scholarship as well as ancient biblical wisdom in order to address these issues in an understanding, accessible, but challenging way. Pete Nicholas has written such a book. He uses both his academic training and his pastoral experience to address the deeply felt tensions that young people feel in secular society today . . . I could not be more encouraged by Pete's book. -- Tim Keller, pastor and author An interesting, creative and deftly woven exploration of life's big questions, and the stories we tell in order to answer them when God has been removed from the town square of our lives. A must read if you're exploring these questions yourself or know someone who is. -- Kristi Mair, apologist and author of MORE > Truth: Searching for certainty in an uncertain world Many will recognize themselves in Pete Nicholas's acute analysis of a contemporary world which is not at ease with itself. He combines his description of the symptoms with a fresh and engaging presentation of the Christian faith as both the ultimate explanation of our problems and the fulfilment of our longings. Whatever your faith or lack of it, I guarantee this book will get you thinking - and it could just change your life. -- Vaughan Roberts, pastor and author
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  • Author: Pete Nicholas